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video game development is something i have had a lifelong passion for. starting around age twelve via macromedia flash and playing games on

i love the way it combines so many different mediums into a cohesive whole. you can check out all of my latest projects on my page. down below are some more recent projects:

balloon balloon!
Balloon Balloon! (2020)

A small game I made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 46. Made with Unity, Blender, and Logic Pro X for the music. Definitely needs some balance and a bit more polish, but it was my first real unity project. And I won't forget it!

four children
Four Children (2020)

A short interactive horror story told in an abstract/experimental form. It started life as an attempt to make something similar to Electroplankton for the Nintendo DS, and quickly spiraled into something more.

oh messy life
oh, messy life (2020)

Made for Brackey's Game Jam. The theme was rewind. I made a game about man who wishes he could rewind his life and do it all over. A short narrative game. Inspired partly by my own journey into higher education.


over the years i've learned a few different mediums for creating visual art. usually out of nessecity while making a game, but i also like to make stuff just to make stuff. here are some of the different mediums i can do. click the pictures for more examples.

Pixel Art

I've made pixel art in some capacity for about 10 years. Starting with crude attempts at editing Pokemon sprites. However over the years I've gained more of an appreciation for it. As a result, I can push a pixel or two!

3D Modelling

After fooling around in high-school and eventually putting it down. I picked up 3D modelling again in March of 2020 and have had lots of fun making low poly characters and scenes. I use blender for modelling.

Vector Art

Although I am not as experienced as with the other mediums listed, on occasion I fire up Adobe Illustrator and make some vector art. I usually try and make fake logos for products, or cool little characters. Check it out!


music is something that is very important to me. i try to listen a wide range of genres, but usually end up listening to some 90s alternative rock anyways. i also play it! below are some projects i've been involved in/created:

blue hawaiian
Blue Hawaiian

This is the name I release most of my solo music under, as well as any soundtracks I make for video games. Of which I wish to do more! Please contact me if you need any! Garage/indie rock.

Kyoto Banana Star

A band I was in from 2016-2019. We played a lot of shows in Victoria, BC and did a small Canadian tour. I will always have fond memories of this one. My first 'real' band.

instant recs
Instant Records

A small DIY record label ran by me and a couple friends. Gave me lots of experience working with people, booking events, and general planning skills. Awaiting the end of Covid-19.


these are some of the sillier things i've made, usually as part of a joke, or just to make learning a new skill less tedious. i hope you enjoy. warning some of this could be considered nsfw.

twick (2020)

This is a simple chrome extension I made to learn more about creating extensions. It turns the like button on Twitter into a cartoonish display of phallic pride (read: turns the heart react into a penis).

zeroes (2020)

A chrome extension I made to help me solve quadratic equations quickly in math class. I learned how to make a pop up for chrome extensions, so that was neat! Install ASAP if you need this for some reason. Nerd!

Tubeify (2020)

A website made using Node.JS, Express, Spotify API, and deployed with Heroku that lets the user convert their youtube playlists into Spotify playlists. It was a great learning experience, now I can make cool apps!

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